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  • The Rani Review

    The Rani Review

    South Asian founded discussion platform for social justice, current events, art, and culture.

  • Christos Xidias

    Christos Xidias

    Art Director at Yext

  • Veronica Cámara

    Veronica Cámara

    Content strategist & UX writer. 🏳️‍🌈 www.avoagency.com

  • Emily-Jane Rafferty

    Emily-Jane Rafferty

    London based writer, over-thinker and people-observer. English and American literature graduate.

  • Team SoundHound

    Team SoundHound

    Sharing stories, trends and ideas about how Voice AI is transforming business, improving lives and changing the world.

  • Manisha


    Pen (or in this case the laptop) is mightier than the sword. Unwillingly prescribed the red pill of truth instead of the fun blue pill. Sensitive INFJ.

  • Fred J

    Fred J

  • Mary Reisert

    Mary Reisert

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