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I stared in wonder at the yellow taxi that had…

This mini-story is part of an anthology I’m working on based loosely on events that took place during my childhood. All stories involve characters who played real-life roles during my upbringing in the Southeast Bronx. Names changed for anonymity.

The Corner Apartment

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took a long drag of his cigarette, then proceeded to crush it between his fingers.

The butt, still glowing alarmingly red, disappeared into the side of his index finger…

Lately, I’m finding myself on the precipice of a tipping point.

This is me on the inside ^ and me on the outside: =)

Ask me how I feel on a given day, and you’ll notice my response tends to change by the hour. …


Where I am.

I blinked. “What?”

Abbu nodded. What could only be described as a bashful grin split his face in two. “Lytton,” he confirmed.

I furrowed my brow, incredulous.

Visiting Dad several times a week was high on my “To-Do” list these days, particularly if I wished to remain on his…

Writing Prompt:

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“Ma, come Diyaan hissed under his breath…

Shelly’s radiant smile.

Despite the early onset of her golden years creeping in, my mother still spends her days in the midst of neon pink tutus and toddler tees emblazoned with emojis. …

Back in AP Psych class, we learned about a cognitive bias called the Framing Effect.

Source: The Decision Lab

A term coined by psychologists in the 80s, the Framing Effect plays on decision-making skills in stating that our choices become what they are due to making them based on the way a situation is…

Ever try to escape your socioeconomic barriers so desperately that your hunger fuels your drive and you succeed?

Ever transcend into the next stage so suddenly, with hardly any time to become accustomed to the transition, that in the attempt to find ground in uncharted territory you become out of…

Tania Rahman

thriving in chaos is a double-edged sword.

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